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Ventilation is the introduction of outdoor air into a space. This improves indoor air quality thus improving comfort, diluting, and displacing indoor pollutants methods that can be used to ventilate a building include natural ventilation mechanical ventilation hybrid (mixed mode) ventilation.

Natural ventilation.

Natural ventilation is the uncontrolled movement of air, due to the differences in outdoor and indoor air density. It is done through purpose-built openings such as windows, chimneys, and wind towers in a space with the help of natural forces.

Mechanical ventilation.

Fans installed directly on walls or windows drive mechanical ventilation. These fans supply air into a room and exhaust air into a room.

Types of mechanical ventilation include;

  • Positive pressure, where the air is leaked out of space. used in warm and humid climates.

  • Negative pressure, where the air is sucked from outside. Negative pressure is mainly used in cold climates and for rooms with locally generated pollutants such as kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms.

  • In balance, the air supply system, and the exhausts have been adjusted to meet the space and project specifications.

Hybrid ventilation (Mixed-mode) ventilation.

Hybrid ventilation applies both natural and mechanical ventilation. It is generally recommended when natural ventilation alone is not suitable such as in hospital rooms housing patients with airborne diseases.

In hybrid ventilation, fans should be installed in rooms where room air can be displaced outside through a wall or a roof and the number of fans depends on the target rate. In addition, ceiling fans and heating systems are added especially for rooms with thermal discomfort.

Installation of mechanical and hybrid ventilation requires careful design and proper maintenance. HotArctic Heating and Cooling provide systems that provide sufficient and efficient air exchange that meet client and project specifications. This ensures that fresh air is continuously distributed to every corner of the space and pollutants are removed.


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