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commercial and industrial refrigeration.

Our fridges come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate the various needs of our clients

commercial refrigerators are a necessity in any commercial setting as they help keep the temperature of the goods regulated. We have a wide variety of refrigerators to suit the needs of your business be it convenience store, café, kitchen, supermarket etc. Our fridges come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate the various needs of our clients. They have self-closing doors to ensure patrons don’t accidentally leave the doors open once they’ve selected their products and they come with an automatic defrost system which help reduce build-up of ice in the fridge reducing the efficiency and performance hence limiting the unit’s natural life which eventually saves you a lot of time. We understand that different food and beverage business have different commercial fridge.

We are able conduct training, diagnostics and ultimately solve your refrigeration problems and provide you with long-term support and mitigate your risk to ensure reliability in your refrigeration equipment.

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Our mission is to provide quality design, installation and service for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment in both residential and light commercial markets.

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