Cold room, chillers & fridge services

Store Temperature-sensitive & perishable goods and items

We provide cold room services for all your temperature-sensitive, perishable goods and items, be it food items, flowers or even vaccines. we are your go to plug be it installation, repair or even maintenance. Our engineers work hand in hand with the client to ensure they get the best cooling system to suit their needs, by analyzing life cycle cost and energy efficiency while also finding a safe location for safe access and maneuver into the cold room. Our room come with insulating material for the walls and ceilings and our panels and partitions contain polyurethane guaranteeing the durability of your products.


Through a highly qualified team of employees, consisting of in house HVAC engineers, refrigeration technicians, electricians, plumbers and more HotArctic heating and cooling is able to offer clients an international standard in effective design and efficiency.

Build and Install

HotArctic’s team has years of experience in multi- temperature cold storage construction and installations, providing a complete solution to some of the largest food distributors, fast food chains, food and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Kenya.

Cold room compressor maintenance services in Kenya

hotartic cold room

Cold room evaporator sale and services

Cold room Repair services in Kenya

Cold Room/ Chiller Repair Services In Kenya by HotArctic Heating and Cooling

Cold room emergency services in Kenya

cold room maintenance services

Cold room evaporator sale and services

We maintain high standards and offer professional services that are customizable to client specific requirements. In addition, HotArctic offers competitive rates, with attention to detail, efficiency and power consumption being the forefront of our plans.

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