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What are condensing units?

Condensing units are temperature control machines that regulates heat by compressing a refrigerant gas, pumping it through an expansion of condenser coils. The air around these coils is used to cool, dehumidify or reheat a space.

A standard condensing unit has three main pieces:

  1. The condenser.
  2. The compressor coil.
  3. A fan

The compressor pumps the refrigerant gas through the system. The compressor coils provide sufficient surface area for the hot refrigerant to pass through. The fan blows the heat from the coils. The refrigerant then condenses and flows back to the building cooling the inside air.


There are different models of condensing units specified for the level of evaporation temperatures (high, medium, or low). The application can be small or large scale with the most common application being 

  • Hospitals.
  • Hotels and restaurants.
  • Cold rooms.
  • Banks.
  • Manufacturing plants

Where to install condensing units.

The condensing unit is located outside the space needing air conditioning. The building external ventilation helps in cooling down the refrigerant gas passing through the compressor and the compressor coil.

Before and when installing condensing units, the engineers at HotArctic Heating and Cooling will visit ensure that the following precautions are adhered to:

  1. The proposed location must be well ventilated. This allows fresh air to flow to the condenser. In an enclosed area, the condensing unit must receive fresh air through the condenser inlet and have an unimpeded hot air outlet.
  2. Places with strong air currents, direct sunlight, rain, and dust are avoided since they can influence the functionality of the condensing unit.
  3. The condensing unit and the evaporator are not far away to ensure that no pressure is lost in the tubing thus avoiding accumulation and retention of oil that could damage the compressor.

The condensing units at HotArctic Heating and Cooling feature high cooling performance and efficiency, fast and simple selection and installation, therefore, reducing maintenance time, versatile application of temperature application, and they meet all regional and national regulations on energy. 


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