Cold Room Installation Kenya

Cold rooms require proper installation and routine maintenance to promote efficient and effective cooling and avoid operational problems. Include the proper maintenance of evaporators, condensers, compressors, and expansion valves. The entire cold room system should undergo daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly preventive maintenance checks

  1. Check the level of the refrigerant gas daily.
  2. Ensure the condenser coils, evaporator fans are clean.
  3. Check the compressor for oil leaks.
  4. Calibrate cold room temperatures
  5. Check the evaporator for the possible formation of ice.
  6. Perform maintenance checks and overall functionality of the cold room (monthly, quarterly, yearly) as needed.
  7. Contact HotArctic heating and cooling to perform proper professional installation and maintenance checks such as pressure difference, the capacity of the cold room pumps, and loose electric contact.

Always remember that for cold rooms to function correctly, air must be able to circulate the products inside. Therefore, when loading products into the cold room, you should always consider the airflow.

At HotArctic heating and cooling, we work to keep the all-important cold chain unbroken. We specialize in cold rooms, freezers, and chillers that meet all current standards for temperature regulation and insulation. With our market-leading prowess, we will deliver a solution that is reliable, accurate, and specially designed for your application